Are you looking for Hong Kong immigration services, but confused about where to start? We have your back!

Our team is specialized in helping you find a home in a new country.

We know it can get intimidating, and you will have a million questions. Don’t worry. We have the answers to all your questions and can make the process as easy as possible.


Our team comprises of the most diverse group of individuals. Combined, our skills can help us power through any situation. This means that you get quality service regardless of who you are and what you are dealing with.

We believe in mixing cultures to bring unique skills. Kin is fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin so that you are in your comfort zone when you work with us.

Many people from Hong Kong have been displaced following a crackdown in the country. If you are looking to start a new life in Canada.

Secure your children’s future by moving to Canada. With some of the best schooling in the world and industry-leading colleges and universities, Canada is a safe place for you.

When you reach Canada, you will need a home to rent. We ensure you get the best bang for your buck by finding you a suitable accommodation for you to get started with your student life.

After your education, you can become a permanent resident in Canada and start a new life here.

As a Hong Kong immigration specialist, we will understand your situation and cater to your needs to give you the future you deserve.

Whether you need a big or a small home, we are here to find the perfect accommodation for your needs, and budget.

Options for Hong Kong Students

For Hong Kong students, there are two options of getting a PR:

  1. Graduating from a Canadian post-secondary institution
  2. Recent graduates from a Canadian or foreign institution working in Canada

Why Do You Need a Specialist Realtor?

Many people fail to understand the importance of having a realtor to help them with relocation. You need a specialist for relocation because you don’t have a complete idea about the country you are moving to. Specific information such as neighborhoods and schools are things that only an expert realtor can help you with.

Additionally, we have a track record of easing our clients’ stress. We take the responsibility of doing our job right so you don’t have one less thing to worry about.

An expert realtor can help put things into perspective and suggest different options that might suit your needs better.